• Smart parcel locker Type of the products:BQ-CP-3-22

    Overall size:H1900mm*W1500mm*D600mm 

    Size of a cell:S:H120mm*W500mm*D600mm  




                   parcle locker,post locker

parcel locker

First, on the main menu, click "Courier" icon, enter the login mobile phone number and password, click into the Courier interface. You can see the number of the remaining boxes on the UnitNo status bar of the Courier function interface. Next is the express status, you can see the status of the express, Picked, Unpicked and Unordinary. At the bottom are function buttons: Back, Check, Dispatch, Collect. When we dispatch the first express, we can see the input fields to send message on the Dispatch interface, including Tracking No, Phone Number, Select suitable type of the box, the box type is selected based on the size of the parcel. Here we choose the box type, input the Tracking No and Phone Number, click "Enter", then the system will open the box automatically. Put the express into the box, close the box and click "Submit" and return to the "Main Menu". Then we finish the complete process of Dispatch. A courier take some parcels, he finish the parcel delivery when dispatch an express.

parcel locker,post locker,smart lockerparcel locker,post locker.smart lockerparcel locker

Multiple express dispatch: when the courier dispatch the first parcel and take it into the box, he can select the box type again, scan the Tracking No and dispatch continuously.

Enter phone number in error: Phone number will be inevitably filled in error when dispatching the parcel. Just click the Modify button in the front of the express information, you can delete the express and dispatch the express again, or modify the phone number to the correct one.

smart locker,parcel locker

Courier check function: After all expresses dispatched and submitted, return to the previous menu, click Check. Check Picked, Unpicked and Unordinary. We can re-dispatch and change phone number. 


parcel locker ,post locker,smart locker

OpenBox means opening the box. Redispatch means resending the message or click "Cancel the Security Code" at the bottom to open the box. All the above of the Courier Operation Manual of 24H Laundry Locker.

parcel locker,post locker.smart locker

After we receive such message, click “collect parcel by code” and enter the last four digits of phone number and verification code of SMS. After entering such information, the system will automatically open the box. If the box does not open, click open again. If the parcel is not yours after opening the box, click “put back wrong parcel” and close the box.

post locker.parcel locker

Administrator function: click administration on the main interface, enter login No. and password; click ok to enter the administration interface; in the interface there is a box status bar and parcel status bar; the box status bar shows the number of parcels to be sent every day and remaining boxes show real-time status information.

post locker

Parcel status bar: shows picked/unpicked parcels and unordinary parcels for courier to easily manage the boxes in real time.

The bottom is the function bar with the following common functions such as member login, empty box check, part management, repair management, courier management:

Empty box check: the interface will show all boxes after clicking empty box check. Blue box represents empty box, red box represents manual lock by administrator, color changing box represents there are parcels in the box. When administrator wants to open an empty box, he can click corresponding box number or click open all. The empty boxes will automatically open for administrator to empty and check boxes. 

parcel locker,smart lcoker

Part management: you can see all boxes after clicking desktop part management. Click “lock” if some empty boxes need to be locked and do not let courier to open during delivery; click “unlock” when you want to reuse the boxes. Administrator can know the information of each box used by the express company from the interface. 

parcel locker,post locker

Courier management: a new courier needs verification and authorization of the administrator after registration. Click courier and find out the authorized number. The courier can use it after clicking authorization. When a courier violates rules or leave, the administrator can cancel the authorization. This function helps administrator to manage couriers. 

parcel locker,package locker,post locker

Member login: click member login, if you are not a member, you can click register to be a member at the bottom left. If you are a member, you can log in directly. In the member interface, you can see the unit parcel and non-unit parcel. If it is the unit parcel, you can directly click “open” the box already processed. If it is the non-unit parcel, you can check which device has the parcel. At the bottom function bar, you can see “Pick personal parcel”, “parcel taken by agent” and “personal setting”. “Pick personal parcel” means to collect parcel in person, “parcel taken by agent” means to collect parcel by others. In the “Personal setting”, you can set up pick personal parcel and check parcel taken by agent. 

parcel locker.post locker,smart lockerparcel locker,smart locker,post lockerpost locker.parcel locker,smart locker

Pick personal parcel: you can set up some parcels not in the dispatch unit, collection method, notification type, permitted delivery time and SMS notification

Check setup of “parcel taken by agent”: you can set up others to collect the parcel if someone is inconvenient to collect in person or has other reasons. The courier dispatch system will notify you and agent or only notify the agent.


Search function: click search icon, enter phone No. or parcel No. in the search bar. On the search result interface, you can see parcel device No., dispatch date, dispatch Company and courier contact method. This helps you to check your own parcel and contact related courier and company. 

parcel locker,post locker,smart locker

Overall size:H1900mm*W1500mm*D600mm 
Size of a cell:S:H120mm*W500mm*D600mm 



Material of smart parcel locker:
Uses the high quality cold rolling plate or stainless steel, surface spray,
Main parts: box, industrial control, display, touch screen, scanning gun, password keyboard
Optional parts: router, camera, DVR, UPS

colour options