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    Unique needs and customization improve customer perceptions 

    Modular design is easily maintained

    lockerare freely promoted as required, being more economic 

    Provide multiple color choices on the basis of customer preferences and environmental conditions


Refrigerated Lockers

Parcel Lockers have proved to be very convenient especially for buyers and sellers. They make delivery of goods easy and convenient for both the seller and the buyer, improving online purchase experiences of many. They come in a wide variety of sizes, modular constructions and even technology integration. It all depends on the needs at hand and what the owner or parcel service provider finds suitable as far as customer or client needs are concerned.

Refrigerated locker is one type of parcel lockers used today. They offer a great solution to preserving vegetables and fruits that have been bought. They are very similar to refrigerators only that you do not have to own them. Meat, seafood, vegetables and fruits all require different degree Celsius temperatures. This means to be well preserved for freshness multiple temperature zones need to be achieved. The refrigerated lockers are designed in such a way that they can accommodate the temperature needs for all produce stored in them.

How they work

These refrigerated lockers contain two layers of steel plates and also feature a foam layer that makes it easy to control heat. Fresh produce distributors find them very convenient even though they can be expensive, even in terms of operation and maintenance. They can be combined with dry ice and incubators for better performance depending on the needs at hand. The operators can however stipulate limits of how long the produce should remain in it to cut costs. For instance, if you are an operator, you can give several hours allowance for the produce to be preserved and taken away by the owners within those hours. Dry ice and thermal insulation can help keep the costs low.

If you are a new produce distributor or a locker operator, then it is important to go easy on the high cost. Relate your services to the consumption levels of the location you are in and the size of the business. The refrigerated lockers are most suitable for businesses that are stable meaning when you have a dependable customer base. With the approval and the loyalty of your customers, you will find the costs of having a refrigerated locker worthwhile. Give your business some time and pay attention to its performance and market potential before offering the amazing services to your customers.

Fresh produce can be very sensitive especially to changes in temperature. A refrigerated locker can offer you an amazing solution to your needs. When you have one in place, you give your customers an easy time placing orders online even for the most sensitive food produce because they are assured to get the produce in its freshest state thanks to the refrigerated lockers. With convenience being a major factor in shopping trends, it can go a long way in improving your business returns and image before your customers. You won’t have to worry about your produce going bad as a result of high temperatures and heat before they reach your customers.



Parcel lockers have brought in great convenience by bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. Choose one that serves all the needs you have and one that is sizable enough and flexible. 

There are +2℃ and -18℃ temperature zones within the cabinet. The forced air circulating cooling system and combined air channels ensure rapid and

uniform cooling within the cabinet

Refrigerants R134 are applicable to the energy-saving and efficient machine set