• Receipt Locker Type of the products:BQ-120-22
    Overall size: H 1500mm* W 1780* D 350mm

    Size of a cell:H 90mm*W 160mm*D 350mm


Baoqing smart specializes in providing customized safe deposit locker with high quality and safety.

 The bank locker equipped with multi-layer security system, including biometric and PIN authentication and so on. Customers can access it without any intervention by the branch staff.

Baoqing safe deposit locker facility offers a safe, trustworthy space to store valuable possessions, such as gemstonesprecious metalscurrency, marketable securities, important documents such as wills, property deeds, and birth certificates, or computer data storage that need protection from theftfirefloodtampering, or other perils.




Overall size:   H 1500mm* W 1780* D 350mm

Size of a cellH 90mm*W 160mm*D 350mm