• Parcel locker Type of the products:BQ-CP-5-40 Overall size:H1900mm*W1500mm*D600mm 

    Size of a cellS:H120mm*W500mm*D600mm 




parcel locker,post locker

How to use a parcel locker


Parcel locker is used for sending and receiving express, which is much easier to use and operate.


1. Send an express


Sending an express is a very easy process. Once you try doing it, you will love the process, and will develop a certain degree of dependency. Click on the button "I'd like to deliver an express". Fill in the recipient and the sender information; pay the express freight in AIO. Paste the express paper on the express after scanning, and choose the appropriate grid box for the express. The AIO distributes a grid box and the door opens automatically. Put express into the grid box and close the door.


2. Pick-up an express


When the grid box is closed, the AIO sends the express pick-up messages through its background support system. The courier arrives at the AIO at the appropriate time, scans the work card, enter the password, and clicks on the "Express Pick-up" button on the screen. The grid boxes with expresses will open one by one and the courier picks up all the expresses at the same time.


3. Deliver an express


The courier of express companies enters the express delivery interface after swiping the card. It scans the express paper, enters the recipient phone number, selects the appropriate grid box, clicks the "check list", and clicks the "submit" after confirmation. It is then the background system automatically sends the SMS to the recipient, informing the AIO address and pickup authentication code. The courier puts express in the grid box and closes the door.


4. Taking an express


The recipient clicks "I want to take an express", enters the verification code and clicks "Confirm", automatically the grid box will open the door, and the recipient takes the express away. If the payment is "Cash on Delivery", the recipient needs to pay the express freight before the grid box door opens. If the deposited time of express reaches the time limit, the system will send an arrival notice to the recipient again until he takes the express away.


Each of the above processes takes very little time. Once you know how to do it, it takes even lesser amount of time. Express company’s exercises utmost safety with the system, and see to it that their customers get the best service in the end. The idea behind smart locker and parcel locker is to ensure safety.

Overall size:H1900mm*W1500mm*D600mm 

Size of a cellS:H120mm*W500mm*D600mm 



Material of parcel locker:
Uses the high quality cold rolling plate or stainless steel, surface spray,
Main parts: box, industrial control, display, touch screen, scanning gun, password keyboard

Optional parts: router, camera, DVR, UPS

colour options