• Laundry Smart Locker Type of the products:BQ-LL-L-36 Overall size:H1900mm*W2960mm*D600mm 

    Size of a cell:S:H1200mm*W400mm*D600mm 

    Locations:Lockers inside building lobbies, parking garages, universities, and more. 

    we provide the overall solution of the Laundry locker, from the order software to machine terminal software and to remote server software.    Below is the link of how to order : , it support  the orders from the website as well as those from the APP. We'll make specific changes as per the customers' project.


Laundry Locker Customer operation process

1, The order system can be a web site or mobile app

2, Order number is the only identification code for the system.

3, Customers can check the current status of the order by order system, including the transportation status


Laundry Locker Courier operation process


1, The Qr code of laundry bag is a unique number. System scan the Qrcode will automatically bind to the order number. In order to facilitate the operation of the third party logistics company. If not, you need to hand in hand to express different laundry bags.

2, Email/sms  notification is not necessary.customers can query the order status by the back system.

L Type 2 cells laundry locker

L Type 2 cells laundry locker

Overall size:H1900mm*W2960mm*D600mm 

Size of a cell:S:H1200mm*W400mm*D600mm 

Material of laundry locker:
Uses the high quality cold rolling plate or stainless steel, surface spray,
Main parts: box, industrial control, 32 inch display and touch screen, scanning gun, password keyboard
Optional parts: router, camera, DVR, UPS