• dry cleaning locker Type of the products:BQ-LL-6-2204 we provide the overall solution of the Laundry locker, from the order software to machine terminal software and to remote server software.    Below is the link of how to order : , it support  the orders from the website as well as those from the APP. We'll make specific changes as per the customers' project.


2 cells laundry locker

2 cells laundry locker

As cities grow, most people who have been moving into the city are busy personnel who have limited time to perform some chores such as doing laundry. Some also don’t have cars to take their clothing to the dry cleaners; this problematic situation has led to the birth of enterprises known as laundry lockers, which are dry cleaners that operate within the same building or vicinity in which the tenants live.

Bao Qing is one of the companies that have decided to tackle this problem and eliminate. To do this, they have started producing and launching of smart laundry lockers. These laundry cabinets have proved to be of great importance in our communities, and they are found in institutions such as colleges, garages and also in apartment lobbies. These lockers have simplified and made this whole system flexible and more convenient.

The laundry locker franchise from Bao Qing has been customized to suit several formats of various laundry lockers. This new smart system takes into account all aspects of the system which include; the safety, the correct changing of clothes that will work smoothly both with the laundry system that is currently in place and the system providing data on the little expenses. Bao Qing has managed to cater for all laundry locker systems making them a favorite for many companies and getting positive feedback from its numerous clients.

This company has managed to incorporate together all systems that assist in the smooth running of this business. The whole system is characterized by features such as the presence of laundromats and using them for the right purpose, taking note of all informative issues and introducing third-party operators for more service provision.

The revolutionary Bao Qing smart system contains software that changes how these laundry lockers work and at the same reducing the amount of hardware needed. This has reduced the costs of these systems, and the operators can access them more easily. The growth of the software is associated with the growth and development of mobile networks. This has greatly been favored by the increasing use and popularity of smartphones, which has helped in keeping the cost low and manageable.

This smart laundry locker system is better as it gives a unique identification code and a laundry bag. This helps in saving you more free time which you can use for recreational purposes or make more money. This whole system is easy and involves four simple steps;

i. Dropping off your clothes at a locker e.g. in a parking lobby.

ii. Then place your order.

iii. After placing the order, you receive a notification that informs you on your transaction and when to possibly collect your clothes.

iv. And finally, the final step is collecting your items which have been worked on correctly which is most commonly after a day.

When placing an order for your items, the following order is followed;

i. First off place an order using an application your smartphone.

ii. Once you have completed the payment, you should specify the number of items.

iii. You are also permitted to add a statement that can read as, “need to deposit items.”

Once all the information is in the system confirm it and then place the clothes in a laundry bag. If it’s wrong type wrong, verify the information and close the system.

Using this laundry system will save you more time, and you will be at peace knowing your clothes will be done safely, and quality is assured. Good luck and enjoy the service.