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Along with the development of the e-commerce and high technology, not only commercial property but also the residence, smart locker provides convenience for the owner to send and receive parcels. Different smart locker hardware and software are designed according to the different applications. The poatal locker to send and receive express is smart parcel locker. The locker Combined with the reception desk, send and receive the letter and express is smart reception. The locker sends and receives newspaper and letter is a smart mailbox, visitors or workers from other places put the goods temporally is smart postal locker. The locker helps the company manage the files is filing locker. The locker for the employees to store and charge the computer or laptop is called mobile phone/computer charging locker. The locker for the employees to store working clothes and personal belongings called smart wardrobe.

1Systemic Technology: Be similar with the machine software and remote control technology of ATM.

2. The hardware composition: generally it divides into the main lockers and the cabinets. The mandatory parts of the locker: the display, the touch screen, the scanning gun, password keyboard, power supply, the alternative ones are industrial router, monitoring equipment, UPS, electronic scale, etc., the cabinets generally divide into one row cabinet, two rows cabinets and three cabinets .The locker can have 1-256 groups cabinets.

3. Software system: generally the software divides into machine software and remote service software.

4. Main procedure: the courier delivers the express: enter the phone number and password to login, scan the bar code, and enter the customer phone number, the door open, put in a express, the system sends the password.

Customer pick-up: enter the password received open the locker and pick up the express.

Customer deliver the express: register to be members for the first use, enter the information of the sender and recipient after logging in, make the payment, open the cabinet and deliver.

The courier collect the express: enter the phone number and password to log in, take out all the express of the customers.

5. The size of the cabinet door: the size of the cabinet doors divides into large, medium and small.

6. Security setups: the monitor has the function of 24-hours recording.

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